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Version: v0.3.0

Replace configuration tokens with ISecretProvider

The Arcus.Security.Providers.AzureKeyVault package provides a mechanism to use your own ISecretProvider implementation when building your configuration for your application.


When building your IConfiguration, you can use the extension .AddAzureKeyVault to pass in your ISecretProvider instead of using the built-in Azure Key Vault provider.

Example how the configuration builder is used inside a web application:

var vaultAuthenticator = new ManagedServiceIdentityAuthenticator();var vaultConfiguration = new KeyVaultConfiguration(keyVaultUri);var yourSecretProvider = new KeyVaultSecretProvider(vaultAuthenticator, vaultConfiguration);
var config = new ConfigurationBuilder()    .AddAzureKeyVault(yourSecretProvider)    .Build();
var host = new WebHostBuilder()    .UseConfiguration(config)    .UseKestrel()    .UseStartup<Startup>();